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[ urban lounge's coffee! culture ]

. . . indulge.

c o f f e e c u l t u r e
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coffeeculture; 0706 Coffeehouse Avenue; Sleepless City

[ Urban Lounge! ]

#1; Mint; july_rhapsody; yishhed at gmail dot com
#2; Keax keaxy; achromatism at gmail dot com

In early September 2004, Mint unanticipatedly ran into the idea of creating a music request journal. Thereafter, upon engaging Keax, Coffee! Culture was initiated. Mint is plugged in to English music, while Keax's music preferences are tuned towards Japanese and Asian music. Therefore, diversity in music is expected, since Coffee! Culture aspires to deliver an array of music worthy of emotional education and satiety.

[ coffee + cheesecake! ]
There has been a recent surge in mp3 blogs and music journals, and Coffee! Culture similarly, aims to provide its listeners, a varied spectrum of genres, languages and scenes. If possible, requests shall be accepted when the appropriate time comes. When so, the lists of both of us will be updated then, as frequently as time permits, with the acquirement of new media.

[ hello, listener! ]
Usually mp3s will be uploaded, with video files on rare occasions. Rotation will take place every weekend and the files will stay up for one week, plus minus a couple of days. To keep track, do sign up for a LiveJournal and join the community. Erractic updates can be expected, especially with us being full-time students.

Posts are public, but will turn friends-only if the circumstances call for it.
Format-wise, the posts will include the essential details and and a short critique of the files uploaded.

[ song ] Vanilla
[ artist ] Gackt
[ album ] Mars
[ language ] Japanese
[ time; size; kbps ] 4:09 minutes; 3.9MB; 128 kbps
[ critique ] ... Note: a small 100x100 image may be included.

Requests are currently closed, as the lists are not ready. Presently undertaking the policy of uploading what we want.

The usual rules apply. Points to note include →
one; No direct-linking. Link the journal, not the files. Please inform us if you know of anyone breaching this rule.
two; Support the artistes by buying their music from sites like CDJapan and YesAsia.
three; No requests will be entertained at the moment, as mentioned. If ever requesting opens, an individual is only to request one file per update.
four; Please be considerate when downloading. At your own risk, one file at a time, without the usage of external apps. All files shall be zipped and for sampling only. Unzip with Winzip or WinRar. Delete files after 24 hours.
five; Please comment when you download.
six; No negativity shall be tolerated.

Thank you, enjoy and indulge.